Workshop/Class Testimonials

“Thank YOU so very much for coming!  It was so informative and helpful for the girls and we all really enjoyed it.   I know my daughter has been looking at sugars and making some better decisions.   It even helped a little with her health test - they were talking about the functions of the pancreas and she was remembering your talk!”  - Lori, Kim, & Troop 1851 - Ellicott City, MD.

“I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful class.  Anita was kind enough to reach out to me a couple of weeks ago with an invitation.  Boy, am I glad she did!   I was back and forth for days but honestly, it was the best money I have spent on myself - really on my future - in a very long time.  I have been interested in learning more about fermented foods for some time.  You are the first Health Coach that I have met (in this area) that is an advocate of the Weston Price Foundation.  So refreshing!!!  Seriously, a couple times in class I thought I was going to come out of my chair and start clapping in response to what you were saying!” - Mary Sczuka, I ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, Baltimore, MD.

“I just wanted to say, Thank You! Thank you for giving me the boost of confidence that I need from time to time to believe in my own abilities when it comes to Traditional foods and health. You truly are a Gem!” - T.H., Elkridge, MD.

"As always, I had a great time at Gina's "REAL Food Probiotics & Ferments 101" class! This is the third class I have taken with her and I have learned so much about real food and nutrition. She really has inspired me (and my family) to completely change our eating lifestyle and I love it:). I always leave class with new information and a LOT of motivation. Thanks again Gina!" - J.B., Laurel, MD.

“Gina’s guided tour of MOM’s (a local health food store) is one of the best classes I’ve ever taken. A couple times I noticed people not even in the class, eavesdropping. Even a lady standing on a ladder stocking shelves stopped me to ask who this teacher is and how she could get in touch with her. If you are interested in healthy nutritional advice, Gina could be your best resource as she has done a lot of research into which companies provide the best products. She’s a natural teacher, willing and eager to answer questions. She has a great philosophy of “good, better, best” which is helpful to prevent you from getting overwhelmed. This class could fit in easily as the first class you’ve ever taken with Gina, OR like me, it was a great class after I’ve taken several of Gina’s other classes.” -K.B., Columbia, MD

"I have taken several of Gina’s classes, one I even took twice because it was so interesting and the information so new to me. They’ve all been delightful, informative, interesting, and thorough. She answers questions, gives handouts, and follows up with emails. If you are at all inspired to learn about healthy cooking/eating you will love her classes!" - K.B., Columbia, MD

“Attended the Fermenting Fundamentals workshop- it was really informative and fun!  I highly recommend it!  Gina Rieg is a wealth of knowledge” – K.M., Ellicott City, MD

“Very useful information that can be put into practice immediately.  The information about products and resource information (where to purchase or order) was also very helpful.  The level of information and length of presentation were just right.  The healthy sweet treats (and the recipe) were a thoughtful bonus.” – Anonymous from “Sugar Blues” (now called “Sweet Talk for Your Sweet Tooth”) workshop.

“I recently attended a fermenting workshop led by Gina Rieg of Simplistic Wholistic. It was fun, informative, and empowering! Gina showed the group how easy it is to get started fermenting foods and explained why they're so important for your health. The tasting at the end of the demo was definitely a highlight as well! I couldn't wait to get started fermenting and have already made a recipe I learned in the workshop.  Very highly recommended! Thanks Gina!” – H.D., Elkridge, MD

“Thanks, Gina! Want to thank you for a fantastic workshop! This is the best workshop I have ever attended. It is great to be able to walk out the door with the recipes to get started. So, I picked up some supplies on my way home and just made my first jars of fermented food. Made the pickles and the ginger ale for starters and plan on doing the mayo later today. I will take pictures and give you an update in a few days. Can't wait to try my own homemade fermented pickles!” - A.W., Arnold, MD

"I really enjoyed the class and thought you did a wonderful job of explaining and demonstrating everything at just the right pace, especially for someone new to this process, like me. You also answered everyone's questions so well and the class flowed so nicely. I've read about how good fermented foods can be for you so I can't wait to try this out and will be getting some jars soon!! Thanks again Gina!” - M.W., Falls Church, VA


Testimonials for On-Demand Online Instructional Classes

“Gina’s Fats class is so informative, I took it twice!  Lucky for everyone else, it is now available through the Simplified Wellness for You website.  Fats, glorious fats not only a necessary addition to your diet but delicious too.  Gina makes sense of the “low fat diet” craze and how and why this dietary theory is incorrect.  There is an added bonus on the recording, but I will not spoil the surprise.  I highly recommend this class for those who want to change their dietary habits.” - J.M. Reisterstown, MD.