My Health Story

I frequently get asked, "Why did you become a Health Coach?"  It's not a short answer so here goes! 

I will let my personal health journey tell it all.

I grew up relatively well.  I didn't show much sign of illness, just the flus and colds that we commonly think are "normal".  I experienced several ear infections but definitely not what I would consider excessive.  I did take the commonly prescribed antibiotics for them. I did develop mild scoliosis (a curvature of the spine) when I was about 13.  Fortunately, it never progressed enough that I needed to wear a brace. 

For some reason, when I was in my late teenaged years, I thought to myself - "How could I be this healthy?"  "How is it that I am living without any major health complications?"  Well, a few years later, I started to show dis-ease. Here is my story of how I overcame dis-ease.