Client Testimonials



“Gina was a great coach!  She has the knowledge and ability to use it in a caring and non-judgmental way.  She was not pushy and was sensitive to what I was thinking and feeling.  I was going through a life changing event surrounding food. When I started, I was addicted to sugar and tried to eat a no-fat diet - I wondered why I was hungry all the time!  Sugar was overtaking my health.  I now do not eat any processed sugar (intentionally anyways).  I see a direct correlation with the eating of fat and my hunger and the stability of my energy throughout the day.  The food choices I have made is a complete 360 degree turn around.  I am excited to know that I do have control over what food I eat.  During my time working with Gina, I realized that she was taking me to another level of awareness and the change was slow and steady.  Without the understanding of what I learned, I would have never been able to make the changes I have made!” - R.L. Burtonsville, MD

"I want to also say how much I have appreciated everything you've done for me over the past 5-6 months. During my darkest times, you were there to pull me through. I don't know if I would have survived this whole ordeal without you. You have given me hope.  I feel as if you've given me the tools to continue to move forward. Thank you so much, Gina." - Carol V, Frankfort, IL.

"The quality probiotics Gina has educated me on and have helped me get, have been a life saver! Being constantly deployed and unable to control the "food" that I have to eat used to cause great distress to my gut, even with the generic store brand probiotics I had. Now I feel a lot healthier while deployed, and feel that I recover a lot faster after getting back home. Thank you Gina!" - Alex P, Hanover, MD.

“I wanted to share an update - I had blood work done last week and the news is great!  My CRP was 0.5 and my SED rate was 9. 7 months ago, right before we started working my CRP was 2.9 and my SED was 23!  My numbers haven't been that low since I was diagnosed with Crohn’s in 2006. Your help was instrumental in getting this far. You have given me such great tools and knowledge and I am continuing to learn and refine and add new things as I go along.” - J.H. NYC, NY

"I started to have leg numbness, primarily in my thigh area that trickled up my torso in June 2008. I was subsequently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in October 2008. My symptoms included numbness, tingling and loss of balance. My symptoms remained stable until September 2011 when I started to experience trouble walking and partial loss of control of my left knee. Prior to that, I had a baby girl in November 2010. After her birth, I started to research information regarding nutrition. That's when I discovered the Weston Price Organization. Around October 2011, I started to adopt a WAP-lifestyle of eating. During that time, I continued to read and I learned about the GAPS diet and how it was benefiting those with autoimmune disease. I started the GAPS Intro early-July 2012 until late November 2012 with the help of my GAPS coach Gina Rieg. Then, I continued with the Full GAPS Diet until today, May 1st, 2013. I plan to be on the GAPS diet for 1-2 years. I had my follow-up MRI December 2012. In my doctor's own words, she said, "this is a surprise to you and me both." The lesions that were present on my prior MRIs had healed. Also, in her words, she said that my MRI "looked like that of a migraine patient." I have regained my balance while on this diet. My symptoms of fatigue have completely resolved and my long standing constipation has improved tremendously. During intro, I lost 5 lbs and I had a difficult time putting on weight. Now, while on FULL, I have been able to regain this weight. Also of importance, I developed hypothyroidism around November 2011 and this also resolved while on the GAPS diet. The GAPS diet can be quite intimidating at first. I thank Gina for simplifying it and helping me tackle each step with ease. Thinking that this diet would heal my MS lesions and symptoms was quite the stretch at first and yet, with Gina's knowledge, guidance and support, it became my reality. From firsthand experience, I highly recommend Gina Rieg as a nutritional coach and Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride's GAPS healing diet!" - A.D. - Tallahassee, FL


“I had been wanting to change my eating habits. I knew I wasn’t eating a balanced diet but I wasn’t sure how to go about getting on a healthy balanced diet that was sustainable. While seeing an Integrative Medicine doctor, she recommended that I see a nutrition coach. One of my relatives had gone to some of Gina’s classes, so she recommended I contact her. I had talked to some nutritionist in the past so I had some idea of what to expect but Gina wasn’t what I expected, she was actually much more. Gina provided an in depth explanation as to why certain foods are good for my body and why others are not. She went way beyond calories and ingredients. She provided education in why certain foods can’t be digested and how certain foods affect the body. Her explanations of current health conditions in the United States made sense and she had statistics to support her teachings. I feel much better prepared to shop for healthy foods and to prepare a balanced diet for myself and my husband. I’m also much more aware of a wider variety of healthy foods available to me.” - S.S., Greenville, DE


"Dear Gina,

I thank God for putting you in my path in this journey of life. And I ask that you should be blessed to continue the work which you do with dedication. You brought me back to the understanding on how important it is to choose and to be educated on what goes through your mouth, what you put in your body, what you use in your home cleaning, and what you choose to change in your attitude toward living a healthy life.

When I came to you, I was on Blood Pressure pills 1 per day, I was low in iron, I had irregular CBC count and joint pain.  Also, I was diagnosed with acid reflux 6 years ago and been on medicine for that long. My esophagus was sore, my voice was rough and I could not sing.  Plus, I had bad breath.

I made a change gradually under your coaching thru our bi-weekly meetings.  Your successful coaching started showing it’s signs after 6 weeks or so when my Dr. dropped the BP pill to a 1/2 a pill per day.  Then a better iron level and a normal CBC count.  I changed my food choices, and gradually I got rid of the acid reflux.  My throat was better and I can now sing.  Even better, my stomach and my breath got much better!

I do my very best to follow to the letter your precious advise and implement them in my daily life. It is that small daily change that brought me great result. I am now open to learn a lot more.  Gina, I think you should become a holistic Doctor." - C.C., Burtonsville, MD


"I was thinking today about how in our initial consultation I said I didn't like to cook and you told me that I would probably come to enjoy it.  And that's true, I am coming to enjoy cooking.  So to revise my previous statement, I hate low fat cooking:)  Turn me loose with butter, coconut oil and bacon fat and I enjoy it because everything tastes so good and leaves me filled up!  Before I thought of food as sort of a necessary evil, I had to eat to live but didn't like to waste the time on it and often I'd come away from a meal feeling worse.  I remember times where I'd eat because it was meal time and I felt low blood sugar but my stomach felt so bloated and crampy that nothing sounded appealing.  I'd end up eating (the wrong things) and a few hours later I'd be back in the crashed blood sugar, upset stomach place again.  No that I realize how good I can feel from eating the right foods and fats, preparing and eating good food is a privilege!" - M.B., Forest Hill, MD.

"I am so excited!  I hardly feel any hunger nowadays because of all the healthy fats I am eating.  You were right.  I stopped the addiction, have more energy and am constantly losing weight too!" - S.C., Silver Spring, MD.

"Whether you are looking to heal an unhealthy gut to promote your general health, or are looking to change your food intake to whole natural foods and away from processed foods, Gina is a great resource.  Try out a class (she offers them on fermenting or eating traditionally, among other things), or see her as an adviser for a few months.  Eat better, feel better." - L.K., Columbia, MD.

“Attended the Fermenting Fundamentals workshop- it was really informative and fun!  I highly recommend it!  Gina Rieg is a wealth of knowledge” – K.M., Ellicott City, MD

"Thanks, Gina!  Want to thank you for a fantastic workshop!  This is the best workshop I have ever attended.  It is great to be able to walk out the door with the recipes to get started.  So, I picked up some supplies on my way home and just made my first jars of fermented foods!" - A.W., Arnold, MD.

“I recently attended a fermenting workshop led by Gina Rieg of Simplistic Wholistic. It was fun, informative, and empowering! Gina showed the group how easy it is to get started fermenting foods and explained why they're so important for your health. The tasting at the end of the demo was definitely a highlight as well! I couldn't wait to get started fermenting and have already made a recipe I learned in the workshop.  Very highly recommended! Thanks Gina!” – H.D., Elkridge, MD

“Have you seen Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skulls? At the end of the movie there is a woman who went into the cave where all the skulls are. These crystal skulls hold tons of information. This woman wanted to absorb all the information the skulls knew! I feel like I am that woman and you are one of the skulls :) I am so thankful for you sharing all the information that you do with me. I can't wait to learn more.” - S.C., Silver Spring, MD

“I just had a heart check up and I’m doing much better, thanks to you and your diet tips. The Doctor took pics, X-rays and I had to do a treadmill test and I did the whole 10 minutes and the X-rays looked very good. I didn’t know it, but I was at a 35% rate when I had my heart attack and now I’m at a 70% . I feel great and am working at full throttle again...Lost about 18 pounds too!” - J.L., Columbia, MD

"Fellow health coach Gina Rieg was totally fun to work with.  Given that we are both certified health coaches you may ask, what the heck?  We all have our areas of expertise and Gina's specialty was of particular interest to me and my practice.  The GAPS diet helps my eczema, asthma and allergy clients and Gina is an expert having experienced the ups and downs, recipes, side effects and benefits for herself.  How better to learn than to work with someone like Gina?  My clients are already seeing the benefits of adding GAPS foods into their diet and they have no idea that is what they are doing.  My most recent client said, wow I had no idea "health foods" were so delicious!  Gina is patient, professional and always follows through with her promises of recipes and website links to find more information.  I highly recommend Gina's health coaching services.” - Jolie McShane, President, MidAtlantic Health Coach Association, Timonium, MD

“I recently attended a fermenting workshop led by Gina Rieg of Simplistic Wholistic. It was fun, informative, and empowering! Gina showed the group how easy it is to get started fermenting foods and explained why they're so important for your health. The tasting at the end of the demo was definitely a highlight as well! I couldn't wait to get started fermenting and have already made a recipe I learned in the workshop. Very highly recommended! Thanks Gina!” - H.D., Elkridge, MD

“A few years ago I told a friend that I wanted to get to a place where there was a purpose - a health benefit - for everything that I eat.  Your Fermentation Workshop is helping me get there!
In addition, it will also help me save money because I'll be able to eliminate taking digestive enzymes. I always prefer to get what I need in food rather than in pills/capsules.  Your presentation was fun and informative. You are doing a great job!  I look forward to you offering a kefir workshop!” - D.T., Annandale, VA

“I had found myself being prescribed with yet another drug to take to address cholesterol and triglyceride counts plus diet and exercise; but which offered only partial successes. The normal gut issues I had been living with since my 20’s were still here and my cycles of stomach discomfort (bloating) as well as my embarrassment of taking yet another pill – pushed me to look at alternatives. My time with Simplistic-Wholistic started with a search for a nutritionist* and I was lucky to find a professional looking website (key for me), with a clinical and holistic approach and made a call to get an initial consult. Within a few days I spent an hour with Gina, who professionally laid out a plan of ‘treatment education’ via a series of discussions.  As the course continued, I must have sat there with my mouth open in astonishment such was the shaking to the ground of my existing ‘dietary knowledge’ – which in part is cultural and media based.

The tour of the dietary-world took around 3 ½ months working with Gina, my dietary professor, to understand my own health issues derived from what we are told to accept as health-food. How wrong I was! And I have the success to confirm the’ treatment’ we devised.  The iterative process of understanding, learning and treatment (all done with the flair of a management consultant) has changed my views on food types, the food pyramid, the contents of ‘health foods’ and the reasons why some food-stuffs do what they do to us.  One session where we discussed the lack of dietary issues in cultures around the world was truly mind blowing.

Within a month my bloating and seemingly allergic food reactions began to recede with the introduction of a number of key food types as well as an injection of food choices to enable me to restore my health. I now know the triggers of my complaint – and the best part is that I learned this with Gina rather than getting a diagnosis – hence reinforcing the learning experience and embedding the knowledge.

Many of us shop the aisles buying those good to help with diet – what I did not realize; and have now experienced is a higher level of knowledge as to why a certain product may appear to have a dietary effect but instead is aggravating my system in order to clean-out and not support the repair of.  So, quickly began the process of unraveling not only my own personal gut issues, but of my clinging to well-regarded dietary codes of behavior.

In my time, I have seen an end to my original 'concerns', via a systematic change to my eating beliefs, has encouraged me to shop, cook and enjoy food in revolutionary way. None of this is possible without my tour guide, Gina Rieg.

If you want to learn more – go ask Gina!” - T.M., Olney, MD

“Six months later and 20+ pounds lighter, Gina led me through a learning process that was challenging, but life-changing.  Gina was very encouraging and willingly answered my questions.  Whether it was a technical/metabolic question or a preparation question, she eagerly provided or researched the information I needed.  She enthusiastically provided me with recipes to try so that I had a great chance of success preparing foods that were entirely new to me.  I would recommend working with Gina if you are willing to lose weight without feeling deprived, and willing to discover or rediscover the satisfaction of preparing and eating ‘real food’. Thanks, Gina, for setting us on this journey. - P.M., Laurel, MD

“For several months before I came to Gina I’d been feeling tired and lethargic and had trouble sleeping at night.  I saw Gina’s brochure at my local gym and as I read it, I saw that many of the symptoms I had Gina addresses in her practice (Simplistic Wholistic).  Gina helped me to understand that the way I was eating was contributing to my lack of wellness.  I learned many tools to make healthier eating choices.  Within a few short weeks, my energy levels soared and I felt so much better than I had in a long, long time.  As an unexpected bonus, my hot flashes decreased and became less intense.  I highly recommend Simplistic Wholistic to anyone who wants to learn how to develop a healthy relationship between the food one eats and the proper nourishment the body needs.” - D.M., Beltsville, MD

"Before making my first appointment with Gina I thought I was relatively healthy and pretty good at eating right! What I learned from Gina was a whole new level of being healthy! She sees the whole picture and helps you see how your whole body functions as one. Just by eating to suit my body, I relieved painful symptoms of a chronic illness I had been struggling with. In addition to alleviating those symptoms, I am also happier, think more clearly, sleep better, am less tired, and have no cravings.  I have a new appreciation for food and how it affects me. Gina encouraged me to stretch my boundaries and try a new lifestyle that I would have never thought about, and it was a true life saver. I would recommend Gina to anyone who wants to improve the quality of their life!" - N.C., Ellicott City, MD

"Turning forty-something, I began to realize that my body was changing, including my metabolism and weight.  I tried a variety of methods to try and get control of my weight, appetite, and level of energy.  Nothing seemed to work, so I decided to work with a nutritionist.  I met with Gina and she made me very comfortable.  During my sessions with Gina, I learned to identify foods that would improve my health.  Cooking has never been a favorite hobby of mine.  However, Gina taught me to not only prepare healthier foods myself, but to try different ways of cooking.  Additionally, she provided the support I needed to improve my level of activity.  Gina also showed me various herbal and natural foods I could eat to help with my sleep, my level of energy, my appetite, and my cravings.  Overall, my time with Gina was a very valuable investment that has greatly improved several aspects of my life." - K.W., Laurel, MD

"Working with Gina was an amazing experience. She taught me how to cook! I can now prepare wholesome meals for myself that make me feel fully satisfied without feeling too full afterwards. It's a great feeling." - J.S., Burtonsville, MD

“I found Gina, my Health Coach, quite by accident. That being said, it was one of the best accidental meetings I've ever been fortunate enough to incur. Gina is true, insightful beyond belief. She is a real listener; not just hearing, but listening. She has helped me understand how I came to where I am. There is NO judgement; there is no shame. There is just honesty and offerings on how to take the next step, however small those steps may be. Always supportive, she urges me to be my best, reminding me that becoming "health conscious" means paying attention, and it's the whole body. More than food intake, it's mind, spirit, and soul. Gina is the best motivator and health coach one could ever ask for.”   - J.K., Silver Spring, MD

"My Health & Nutrition Coach, Gina Rieg, has an organized approach to isolate your needs. Together, we set forth a plan for achieving those goals and needs. Accountability is a key factor, along with gentle but clear guidance towards all things holistic. She has even guided me in some areas that I had no idea would be related to my goals; I thought I knew a thing or two about eating/being healthy! Gina's education, personal interest in her clients and general wealth of knowledge and contacts in the world of holistic well-being has raised the bar for me. Her coaching has been life changing!" - V.M., Silver Spring, MD

“Just saying thank you when I leave your office does not seem adequate for the help you have given me, consequently, this letter. I feel I have benefited greatly from your counsel. Your in-depth knowledge of nutrition is very reassuring. Additionally, the hand-outs you have given me make a ready reference source, not the least of which are the many good recipes included. You have introduced me, through samples, to numerous new and healthy food sources. Ordinarily, this would be enough, but I must also mention that your enthusiasm and demeanor make attending our sessions fun." - M.B., Burtonsville, MD

“Gina's knowledge of nutrition and overall health really motivated me to strive for a better nutritional program for my family. She helped me discover a variety of new foods and she has helped me change my overall mindset of the food industry and how to cut the processed food out of our lifestyle. Her follow-up with recipes and continuous support were amazing and I am cooking a lot better thanks to the coaching I received through Gina!” - S.L., Ellicott City, MD

“After undergoing a Wipple procedure for the removal of cancer from my bile duct I decided that I needed to do a bunch of things to change my life and hopefully improve my health. Along with a structured physical exercise program I decided I needed a professional dietitian* to review my eating habits. I met with Gina and we developed a four month program which included meeting twice a month. The first month we spent valuable time reviewing honestly my physical issues associated with a diet heavy in sweets and processed foods. We then established goals of improved health through changes in diet. In month two we worked on breakfast; in month three we did lunch and in month four we figured out dinner. Gina has a well thought out approach to working a client through changes in diet. Food is very personal. It makes us happy; it also can make us sad if we are eating bad things. Gina's approach was to set it up so I had more control of putting good things into my body. She made many good suggestions for healthier food types that fit well into my daily life and dramatically improved the way I felt. She also provided suggestions in a balanced way in that if I didn't like a food suggestion we searched for a better alternative. Finally we talked a lot about how emotional states drive us to eat certain ways which can have negative consequences and we also talked about how a healthy diet can establish a base foundation to reduce or eliminate emotional swings precipitated by processed food and sweets. Overall this program has been very successful for me and I would recommend Gina to anyone who wants to improve their health and well being.” - C.E., Colesville, MD

"My 6-month experience with Gina has been a very educational one and I intend to continue making appointments with her for the foreseeable future.  Gina has a very thorough knowledge about food, the benefits of various foods, and the harm other foods may cause.  She will supply you with many helpful handouts for current reading and future referral, and she will also supplement these handouts with intermediate e-mails with more helpful information.

I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to gain control of their health and weight loss program.  You will come away from each session with more understanding of how specific foods work for you and against you.  She will coach you on which foods to buy and which foods to avoid for better health.   In summary, Gina was very beneficial to me regarding the direction of my health, my eating habits, and my weight loss." - J.B., Laurel, MD

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When I came to you, I was on Blood Pressure pills 1 per day, I was low in iron, I had irregular CBC count and joint pain.  Also, I was diagnosed with acid reflux 6 years ago and been on medicine for that long. My esophagus was sore, my voice was rough and I could not sing.  Plus, I had bad breath.

I made a change gradually under your coaching thru our bi-weekly meetings.

Your successful coaching started showing it’s signs after 6 weeks or so when my Dr. dropped the BP pill to a 1/2 a pill per day.  Then a better iron level and a normal CBC count.  I changed my food choices, and gradually I got rid of the acid reflux.  My throat was better and I can now sing.  Even better, my stomach and my breath got much better!