A Little Less Chaos. A Little More Coherence.

Posted on February 2, 2013

I attended a talk last week presented by an integrative internal medicine doctor.  Throughout the talk, he consistently came back to a particular term – coherence.  He expressed that a lack of coherence is disorderly and chaotic.  This can apply to chronic disease and chronic dysfunction both in our bodies and also in the current health care system.  He expressed the desperate need for an integrative approach to medicine and healing, to bring us all back to coherence.

The doctor also pointed out that “coherence” and “coherent” are words that mean truth.  When you are happy and well, your body, mind and spirit are coherent.  Furthermore, coherent truth is something with which you are at peace, even if it is controversial.  He provided an example of one’s belief of human life formation from a spiritual and religious viewpoint or from science and logical perspective.  That is surely a controversial topic but most times, one is at peace with what they believe.   

This distinction resonated deeply with me because the word “chaotic”, describing a lack of coherence, sparked so many thoughts relating to health and our mainstream misleading ways.    

Here are a few of MANY chaotic concepts that came to mind throughout the evening.  Included are challenges for how we (as an individual AND as a community) can be a little less chaotic and a little more coherent with true health.

Chaotic Concept #1 – Our current “healthcare system” helps us achieve health and remain well. 

  • Why this is chaotic - The current mainstream “healthcare system” may be able to put me back together if I am in car accident.  However, I believe most times, it keeps those who are chronically ill continuously suffering.  The common approach merely hides symptoms and maintains “dis-ease” as opposed to getting to the root cause for healing.  Being stuck in this system kept me from healing for way too many years.  Not anymore, and I’m going to spread my story to anyone that will listen.
  • A step towards coherence - We can move towards coherence by asking questions and demanding truth. 

Please don't settle for "because this is what is prescribed for your condition”.  Do your homework and even more importantly, make decisions that will mean less harm to your body both immediately and in the future.  Make decisions that aim to heal, rather than cover up.    


Chaotic Concept #2 – Traditional food from which our ancestors thrived, aren’t healthful but newly produced food products are beneficial.

  • Why this is chaotic - No matter how much the box or container is slathered with enticing phrases like “whole-grain” and “good for your heart” and “good for bone health”, you must investigate further.   Foods that have been altered in a way that the common person cannot replicate in their own home kitchens, does not result in beneficial and truly healthful food. 
  • Let me break it down.  When food from nature is highly heated to where nutrients and proteins are destroyed (such as pasteurized diary and dry cereals), when vegetable oils and polyunsaturated oils are in abundance (such as most salad dressings made from soybean oil, canola oil and most packaged foods),

and when foods are full of health claims (such as low-fat and health-healthy), then these foods are generally not nutritious choices.  Our bodies cannot make sense of any of those altered foods.  Even worse, those non-foods (remember we can’t make them in our own home kitchens) wreaks havoc and chaos in the body!  We may not always have signs of the damage it’s doing to our bodies, but as we should know, health issues do not arise overnight.  “Dis-ease” brews for a while before it shows signs. 

  • A step towards coherence Clean out your pantry and refrigerator and say a big ADIOS to those non-foods lurking there.  If our great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize it and if you couldn’t replicate it in your own kitchen, toss it! Then, ADD in real and traditional foods such as organic meats, healthy saturated fats such as coconut oil and butter from grass-fed cows, and organically grown produce.  (I guide my clients in making this transition).  If you consume grains, make sure they are traditionally and properly prepared!  If you consume dairy, strive for raw.  .


Chaotic Concept #3 Most of us know HOW to eat healthfully, we just don’t do it.  Also, most of us know what’s healthy.   

  • Why this is chaotic - I hear and see this all the time!  Especially on tv – talk shows are the worst!  Especially the beginning of the year.  I hear, “Ok everyone, we know how to eat healthy but we just don’t do it.  Today, let’s start together.”   Most times, they proceed to talk about consuming fewer calories, avoiding saturated fat and avoiding animal products.  If any truth is there, it would be to choose organically grown produce and to avoid fast food.  But, there is A LOT more beyond that, and the common person, including media figures do not know!  I know folks, we listen to it and absorb all those mainstream myths on a daily basis.  I once was a victim of it too, I admit it! 
  • Another  example – cooking shows.  Since when are cooks and chefs trained in nutrition?  They are not!  They are not nutrition experts, EXCEPT my girl Andrea Beaman and her cooking show “Fed Up” on the Veria network.  Besides Andrea, most of them have never been educated on traditional, REAL food and the importance of quality of food and ingredients.  Folks, this is chaotic!  If we look to cooking shows, we should only look to cooking shows for inspiration and ideas but we should NOT look to them for nutrition and health advice.  Why?  Because most times, they are simply repeating the same mainstream health and nutrition advice that is driving us all in chaotic circles!  They know what functionally works on a stove, in the oven, and to prepare a meal – BUT they do not know what works for us in our BODIES!
  • A step towards coherence Raise your awareness of the common nutrition and food advice that you hear CONSTANTLY.  Write down those common pieces of advice that you hear.  Then THINK about those and compare them to traditional times, to what your great-grandmother would have thought. 

  picture credit: httpwww.100miles.commy-grandmothers-garden-part-5

See how much mainstream is still in the dark.  Top newsflash – we are all deprived of saturated fats!  Please ponder that!


What are some things that you see as chaotic in our health and wellness?  What do you see that is moving us towards healing and coherence?  Please share!


Submitted by Jan (not verified) on

Hi Gina! I think you summed it up very well. I listen to the Today Show with my mom almost every morning. Their "programming" helps to maintain the status quo on topics of finances, health and happiness. So, I've decided to e-mail them periodically, asking the Show to go outside its box and be more ethical with the information it puts out. It's one action I can take to make a change.

Submitted by Regina Rieg on

Thanks Jan! Sorry for the delayed reply - my site wasn't notifying me on comments! Ask them to put me on the show - I'll be there with bells and whistles:)

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