Why I Don't Fret About Burning "Those Extra Holiday Calories"

Posted on December 3, 2012

About this time of the year, around the holidays, I tend to hear people say things like - “Oh, I gain 10 pounds during the holidays” and “My new diet
and workout plan starts January 1st” (or January 2nd depending on how crazy the New Year’s celebration pans out!)

These phrases are piggy-backed with media, magazine and online news articles such as “7 Secrets of Healthy Holiday Indulgences” from Cooking Light and “Merry Makeovers: Healthy Holiday Foods” from Web MD.  Television shows and news stories (daytime talk shows are the biggest culprit!) add even mis-information with topics such as “Dr. Oz’s Forever Thin Plan To Keep The Weight Off For Life”.  Don’t even get me started on Dr. Oz!  He recently wrote an article in Time Magazine called “What To Eat Now” in which he bashed organic produce and encouraged feed-lot beef, among other ridiculous declarations.  You can read more here and here to see why we shouldn’t consider him a resource for real, natural health.  

The majority of all of this information is laden with misleading (flat out deceitful) health and nutrition information that is plastering blinders (think horse blinders) on each and every one of us.  The majority of all this is based on two of the biggest health myths that exist out there today:

1)  Consuming saturated fat will make you fat.

2)  In order to loose fat-weight, you simply need to consume fewer calories and exercise more.

Folks - this nonsense is everywhere!  No wonder everyone is confused about how and what we should eat.  Everyone is being driven deeper and deeper into the ”calories in – calories out“ mantra that will ultimately drive YOU crazy, craving and unsatisfied.

We have been so brainwashed with these myths, that at the end of the day, it is almost impossible to see another way of food.  Fortunately, there is a way out…with REAL and traditional food.  This involves opening your eyes away from the mainstream beliefs (which is what makes the mainstream sick and undernourished), learning from the right sources and applying the new tools.  If you can slowly pry off those blinders that inevitably have been there probably since childhood, there is a world full of true health awaiting you!

Here’s the deal.  When you eat REAL food consistently - and trust me, it all starts with embracing saturated fat - you rarely overeat during the holidays or anytime for that matter!  Plus, the “calories in – calories out” idea is not true anyways.  So, even if you DO consume a little more rich, traditional and REAL food during the holidays, the REAL food components support your metabolic rhythms and it won’t be a problem.  On the flip side, if you consistently eat non-food (aka SAD – The Standard American Diet full of hydrogenated fats, hidden msg, improperly prepared grains, low saturated fats, no fermented foods, no real sea salt), you will feel like crud, eventually.  You may not even realize what your body is going through because it has gotten used to processing that non-food.  Then, during the holidays, eating more non-food, you will feel even cruddier!  Make sense?

I used to fret and worry about burning off the extra holiday calories.  Not anymore.  Plus, I used to feel yucky after holiday meals.  I remember eating multiple plates of holiday fare and large amounts of desserts, leading me to feel gross and awful afterwards, ESPECIALLY the following day.  Since I once fell trap to the “calorie in – calorie out” myth, I also would strategically plan heavy workouts before a holiday party in order to “amp up my metabolism before a large meal” and the day following a holiday celebration in order to “burn those extra calories”. 

What I never realized, until a few years ago, was that I so called “binged” on the heavy holiday food because my body was screaming out to me that all year long, I had been depriving myself of REAL, rich food.  Now I eat real, rich food (comfort food if you will) each and every day (not just holiday time), very full of saturated, satisfying fats and absent from sugar and processed food!  REAL food is naturally comforting, rich, fulfilling and satisfying. 

Family and friends whom are reading and with whom I shared holiday day meals with in the past, please don’t take offense!  I cherish those times very deeply.  I mean, who could forget the Christmas when my dad picked up the cake carrier (which was not closed securely) and the bunt cake tumbled around on the living room floor before it rolled to a halt?  Or, the countless laughs from the “white elephant gift exchange game” which my Nanny implemented early on in our holiday gatherings?   I share this because at that time, we all had those blinders on (plastered on), including myself.  At one point, I thought I was Ms. Healthnut (everyone else who knew me thought I was too!) but I was so very wrong.  I was following the mainstream myths...Not anymore!  I have experienced health reversal (from Ulcerative Colitis) by transitioning to REAL, rich foods and by rejecting the mainstream myths and status quo! 

So, this is your chance.  There is a really GOOD reason why you are reading this right now.  Don’t just accept what you have always thought to be true about “healthy eating” and “healthy food.”  Join me in eating REAL rich, saturated fat-filled food every day and no longer fret about burning those extra holiday calories! 

Watch this interview where I talk about this topic!



Submitted by That Guy (not verified) on

I apologize for being "That Guy" but I need to say something. This is some of the worst advice I've ever seen.

You're suggesting we, in a nation suffering an obesity epidemic, stop concerning ourselves with caloric intake and exercise in exchange for eating saturated fats so that our "metabolic rhythms" can make magic happen?

You lack sources for your claims and oh boy are they some claims.

Submitted by Regina Rieg on

Hi thanks for your thoughts! I'm sorry that you feel it's such poor advice because this is what I have seen so many people do and they are starting to restore their health for good. Saturated fats are NOT the reason for obesity. There is BARELY and saturated fats in the food supply and this problem exists. The obesity epidemic has become WORSE ever since saturated fats were deemed "unhealthy". I once thought what you thought so I understand why you would think it's absurd. Perhaps the book "Eat Fat Loose Fat" would be helpful to you. Also, I'm not saying anything is magic. True health is work, especially in the twisted world we are in now.

Submitted by Jolie McShane (not verified) on

Great newsletter, passing it on to my recent client who went gluten free.

Submitted by Regina Rieg on

Thanks Jolie!

Submitted by Nancy Parlette (not verified) on

Whatever we eat - even "real" food, if we eat more than our body needs we will begin to store it as fat. I find that I can eat some fun extra things over the holidays as long as I don't do it Every Day! If we consistently add an extra 100 or more calories daily for a few weeks we WILL put on weight.
I find the hardest part is if I start eating chocolate and sugary things it is really hard to stop. They are addictive so I find I just can't bring them in the house. If I enjoy a little when I'm out at a party then it is fine,but bring them home... they keep calling me all day long!

Submitted by Regina Rieg on

Hi Nancy. Thanks for your comment! Sorry for the delayed reply - my site wasn't notifying me on comments! Hopefully, it didn't sound like I was saying that we can eat 8,000 calories and not store fat weight:) I will have to disagree with you about the extra 100 calories daily. That is not a shoe-in for fat gain. If it's 100 calories of coconut oil, for example, it actually helps burn fat. The key to kicking the sugar addiction is usually an increase in saturated fat. I see it all the time:) Cheers!

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